Other Resources

The Beaches Museum partners with many organizations to preserve and share the distinct history and culture of the Beaches area. The resources listed below are separate organizations that provide additional information. Views expressed by these organizations do not necessarily represent those of the Beaches Museum.


Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville

The Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville commits to championing policies and practices of cultural equity that empower a just, inclusive, equitable city. They provide community outreach initiatives with neighborhood groups, community centers, churches, fraternities and sororities, and other stakeholders to better identify needs and address concerns related to access and allocation of resources; and surveys that inquire about awareness of and access to resources and cultural institutions. Learn more via this link.


Jacksonville History Consortium

In 2003, the Jacksonville History Consortium resulted from an assessment of Jacksonville’s many diverse and geographically dispersed historical organizations. Harry Reagan and Emily Lisska (then Board President and Executive Director, respectively, of the Jacksonville Historical Society), recognized that local history institutions would benefit from stronger connections among themselves and with the larger Jacksonville community. Learn more via this link.


Donald J. Mabry

DJ Mabry was a historian and Professor Emeritus of History at Mississippi State University. For books, articles, first hand accounts and other resources about the Beaches area, visit DJ Mabry’s website via this link.


Online Burial Search

The City of Jacksonville Beach has begun a research project to document those interred in local cemeteries. The information provided by the City can be researched via this link.

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